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Estate Set featuring the Spinning Pole:

ITEM#238E-eagle ITEM#5238B-ball

This flagpole set is perfect for the home or office. The aluminum pole is engineered to include a built-in “free-spinning” top section that will prevent your 3 x 5′ nylon flag from tangling on the pole. Poles come complete with two clear PVC flag collars to attach a traditional heading and grommet flag. There is no need for any additional untangling accessories. This set includes a 3 x 5′ nylon Nyl-Glo Colorfast U.S.flag, two-piece white spinning pole, white cast-aluminum adjustable mounting bracket. Packaged in a box suitable for gift-giving. Choice of eagle or ball topper. ITEM# 238E with eagle $73.00 each. ITEM# 5238B with ball $73.00 each.




Outrigger Fiberglass Set:

Fiberglass Outrigger Flagpole

Long lasting one piece 6′ fiberglass flagpole that is noncorrosive, rust proof and offers superior strength and durability. Fiberglass flagpoles are designed for residential, commercial, and institutional use. Set comes with the bracket, gold ball, halyard, cleat and two snaps. Maximum flag size is 3 x 5′.  Ships UPS over-sized, contact us for pricing. Pole only ITEM# F-6 $100.00 each.

Include US nylon flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes. ITEM#F-6F  $136.00 each 







Village  Flagpole Set:

Fiberglass 20′ Sectional Fiberglass Flagpole

As shown in the Annin Flag catalogue this residential flagpole is UPS ship-able (ships at oversize weight). Comes complete with maintenance free white 20′ sectional  fiberglass flagpole, ground sleeve, ball, cleat, halyard and snaps for the flag. This is a three section pole with a butt diameter of 3 3/4″ and tapering to 2″ at the top. Weight 27 lbs. Overall height 22′. Designed to withstand wind speeds in excess of 100 mph un-flagged. Suitable for a nylon flag up to 4 x 6′. Flags are not included. ITEM # 395 $285.00 each, freight additional.

ITEM #2803   A taller version of item #395 shown above. This is a four section pole with a butt diameter of 4″ and tapering to 2″ at the top. Weight 55 lbs. Overall height 27′.  The best choice for flying more that one flag at a time.  Recommended for high wind areas. Flags are  not included. ITEM #2803 $394.00 each, freight additional.








Fiberglass In-Ground Poles:

Fiberglass Residential Flagpole

These flagpoles are attractive and designed to withstand the elements. Fiberglass does not corrode or rust. Each pole comes complete with a 2′ ground sleeve, ball, cleat, halyard and snaps for the flag. Yard-Arms are available for the 20′ and 25′ poles. Add $35.00 for flash collars. 15′ pole Item #F-15′ $400.00 20′ pole Item #F-20′ $475.00 25′ pole Item #F-25′ $630.00


Nylon Flag:

Our most popular and versatile outdoor flag offering durability for every purpose. Solar Max 100% nylon provides a rich appearance that out performs other nylon materials. We carry Nyl-Glo made by Annin Flag and Durawavez made by Flagzone.

  • Durable
  • Mildew resistant
  • Sheds water
  • Flies in a light breeze
  • Machine washable to keep the colors bright

Item # Size Each
USN-23 2 x 3′ $25.00
USN-25 2.5 x 4′ $28.50
USN-25B 2.5 x 4′ Banner with pole sleeve $36.50
USN-35 3 x 5′ $36.00
USN-35B 3 x 5′ Banner with pole sleeve $43.50
USN-46 4 x 6′ $48.00


Signature Series:

Made by Annin Flag this is the finest quality flag for the discriminating customer. This Signature Series all weather flag is made of 100% nylon, with sewn stripes, and extra-large ultra bright stars.  The stars are densely filled with high-gloss polished white thread that sparkles in the sunlight.  Attractive presentation packaging makes this flag a great gift.

Item # Size/Description Each
USNS-35 3 x 5′ Flag $42.00
USNS-46 4 x 6′ Flag $55.00
USNS-2 2.5 x 4′ Banner with pole sleeve $40.80


Cotton Flag:

Made of 100% heavy cotton bunting these flags have rich vibrant colors, good durability and make a good choice for those looking for a traditional texture and appearance.  All flags have sewn stripes and densely embroidered stars.

Item # Size Each
USC-23 2 x 3′ $21.40
USC-35 3 x 5′ $31.30
USC-46 4 x 6′ $41.60


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