State Flags

Indoor and Parade Flagpoles

    All of our Indoor and Parade flag display sets include an oak two-piece pole, ornament, gold metalicized floor stand and gold cord with tassels. These sets are appropriate to display State, Foreign, Military, Religious or Custom flags to match your American flag set. Flags are not included. Accessories will vary depending on the type and size of the flag to be displayed. The United States Flag is customarily displayed with the eagle ornament. State, Military, and Custom flags are displayed with a spear, and Religious Flags with a cross. Other available options to choose from include; silver and gold adjustable poles, light wood poles, and heavy cast iron...

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States and Territories

    Outdoor Nylon Outdoor Polyester Indoor Nylon These State flags are made in America by Annin Flag Makers, Flagzone and Valley Forge Flag.   Polyester is recommended for high wind, high sun areas and should be flown when the American flag it flown with is polyester.  Depending on the design and size, the flags are either digitally dyed or appliqued. The outdoor flags are finished with polyester heading and brass grommets. NYLON OUTDOOR STATE FLAGS   2x3' 3x5' 4x6' 5x8' 6x10' Texas $18.00 $28.00 $37.50 $57.00 $119.50 Washington 39.00 72.50 105.00 152.50 248.00 Oregon 37.50 71.00 109.00 122.50 218.50 All Others 22.50 35.00 49.50 77.00 145.00 These State and...

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